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What you need to know about seasonal tire storage

Every motorist knows and understands that seasonal tire storage is important for the car. Also, every motorist knows how important get car scrapped toronto. Only the right approach to this matter will prolong their life. Standard conditions of tires storage in garages, storage rooms, basements do not quite correspond to the concepts of proper storage and everyone must understand that. The question arises about how to do it right?

The basic criteria for storing tires

1. optimum temperature conditions.

Standard temperature parameters of car tires storage are from +10 to +15 degrees. Manufacturers usually prescribe a temperature regime, which corresponds to the proper storage, and if it is not observed, the tires crack, deform and lose elasticity. The results of improper storage, unfortunately, not always can be noticed immediately. Usually defects appear unexpectedly and practically on an even footing, if storage conditions do not correspond to the declared or normative conditions.
2. optimum humidity in the room.

It is important to keep a close eye on the optimum level of humidity in the room, which should be between 50% and 80%. Too dry air causes the tires to crack, while too humid air causes all kinds of kinks, rips and fractures.
3. only store wheels in enclosed areas.

It is acceptable to store tires outdoors for up to two weeks, more than a month is fraught with negative consequences in the form of unpleasant consequences in the form of cracks and “bumps”.
4. To avoid deformation, every couple of months you should rotate your tires by changing their fulcrum.
5. Exposure to ultraviolet light must be avoided, as their elasticity is reduced.
Observance of parameters

It is important to understand the extent to which indoor conditions meet all of the above parameters. If not, in order to store tires correctly, send them to a “seasonal rest” in specialised warehouses. It is only here that correct storage guarantees tire durability and prolongs the tire’s lifespan.

The consequences of improper storage

Improper storage of tire sets entails unforeseen expenses, as the purchase of new ones is not cheap, depending on the tire manufacturer and car model. Improperly stored tires cause accidents on the road, because no one knows where an accident can occur.

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