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What kind of car cooler to buy in a car?

Traffic jams, long journeys, trips to nature in summer make you think about buying a car refrigerator. However, eyes are confused at a mass of variants in shops. How to choose a suitable car refrigerator and not to overpay is told in detail.

Among the many car accessories in the summer, the auto refrigerator becomes especially relevant. Surely you will think of this important item more than once, standing in the heat in traffic and dreaming of a sip of cool water or on a long trip. Getting to the choice, you will be surprised to learn how many varieties of auto refrigerators there are. What kind of auto cooler to buy in a car? And if you have an old car that’s not running, turn it in for recycling:

What do you need an auto refrigerator for?

First of all, let’s define the purpose of use.

Would you like to have just chilled drinks at hand, and you use your car for business trips in the city? A cooler bag will come in handy. The accessory has a capacity of 3-6 liters – enough for sandwiches and drinks.

Inveterate fisherman or hunter, traveling by car with a group of like-minded people, or the owner of a large family will appreciate the compressor refrigerator. Compressor auto refrigerator capacity is up to 100 liters and more.

It is important to take into account the duration of the trip, depending on which you need to choose a refrigerator.

The temperature mode of the auto refrigerator varies from +5 to -18. Decide whether it is enough just to keep food and drinks chilled or you need a freezing function.

When choosing, do not forget about the dimensions of your car, particularly the trunk. For example, a compression auto refrigerator may require a lot of space.

If you don’t want to ponder the question of how to choose a universal one, options can be combined and you can buy several auto refrigerators.

What kinds of auto refrigerators are available?

How to choose a suitable one is easy to understand if you understand the peculiarities of varieties of auto refrigerators.

Thermo-bags or isothermal bags. Keep the temperature by means of a thermo-insulating material. There are thermo-bags and thermo-boxes. It is recommended to store products in thermo-bags up to 12 hours, in thermo-boxes – up to 24 hours. The pluses of the accessories are simplicity and no need for additional equipment, they work independently. They can easily withstand rides on bumps and vibrations. The advantages include the cost. Disadvantages are the inability to regulate and generate temperature, as well as the limited shelf life of products.

A thermoelectric refrigerator cools and heats. Works from the cigarette lighter, with the help of an adapter is connected to the network 220V. Heating and cooling are achieved by means of plates made of a special material. In a thermo-refrigerator, food can be stored for more than a day, it is lightweight and not energy-consuming. Well tolerates vibrations and bumpy roads. Environmentally friendly due to the absence of freon. Disadvantages include slow cooling process and small volume for food storage.

Absorption or electric gas refrigerators, as the name implies, have power options: from a cigarette lighter, gas or 220V network. Cooling takes place with the help of liquid refrigerant circulating in the walls, so the vulnerability is the impossibility of operating at an incline. Among the advantages – capacity, economy, fast cooling.

A compressor car refrigerator is a smaller version of a conventional refrigerator. Powered from the cigarette lighter or from the network. The advantages include the possibility of storing a large number of products and fast cooling. Freon is used as a refrigerant. The disadvantage is the high cost, large size, the weight of the compressor auto refrigerator.

Thus, before buying, decide on the required volume needed to store food, the main function – heating or cooling, as well as be guided by the dimensions of the car and the accessory.


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