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What is engine chip tuning?


Many motorists dream of increasing the power of the engine of their car. For this there is a special procedure – chip tuning. For those motorists who want to sell their old cars for scrap, there is also a special service:

The trend in the global automotive industry is such that more and more functions in the modern vehicle are performed by electronics. The adjustment of the engine, transmission is carried out by electronic chips, which are in the car in large quantities and process various information. Management is carried out by the electronic control unit (ECU). In fact, for the ECU to work correctly, a special firmware (“firmware”) with a predetermined algorithm is written to regulate the operation of the vehicle. It can be compared to the operating system of the computer, of some gadget. The algorithms control injectors opening time, ignition advance angle and other parameters. Creation of the firmware is a complicated, long process. At the factory, engineers together with programmers work on it as a team.

Previously, auto mechanics improved the engine mechanically to increase power. With the advent of electronic chips, this phenomenon became known as “chip tuning.”

Let’s analyze in more detail what is engine chip tuning. The name was formed from a combination of the English words “chip” and “tuning”. Literally it means “electronic chip tuning”.

Chip tuning in the modern sense is a modification of the electronic control unit settings to increase engine power. In other words, it is setting additional electronic devices (subcomputers), exchange of the factory control unit on the tuning one, its tuning.

What does chip tuning give? It directly affects the parameters of the car engine power:

By changing the firmware, you can make the gasoline consumption more economical. This option is not popular, because it reduces the dynamic properties of the engine. In other words, the car drives slower.

The factory (regular) firmware is slightly changed. This gives a slight reduction in gasoline consumption, the smoothness of the motor, the power is slightly increased. This is the gentlest and safest version of chip tuning.

Chip tuning, aimed at increasing the properties of engine power and torque, is more in demand.

Types of chip tuning

Chip tuning is divided into different kinds:

Tuning box. It looks like a small box with different colored wires. Well-known representative – RS-Chip box. Connects to the obd2. Wires go to pressure sensor, turbo boost.

Advantages of tuning box:

Dealer equipment does not detect the box, the car will remain under warranty,

Short installation time, takes 15 minutes

Easy to reset – just disconnect the box. Safer type of engine improvement.

Toxic standards are not reduced.

Atypical engines are not suitable for this type of chip tuning

  1. Reprogramming of the electronic control unit. The advantages of this type of chip tuning are:

It is possible to reduce toxicity standards, remove catalytic converters, put the equipment for gas.

The power increases by a larger percentage than that of the Tuning box installation

Atypical engines can be tuned.

Disadvantages of ECU reprogramming:

Long procedure time – up to three hours

Poor quality of firmware

Loss of warranty if the dealer detects a non-factory program.

Is it worth to chip tuning the engine

There is no definite answer to the question whether it is worth doing chip tuning.

A lot of car owners are of the opinion that the chip tuning is a simple procedure to “pump” the engine and achieve a significant increase in the engine power. However, there are those who wonder if car chip tuning is harmful.

Remember, interfering with the tuning of the factory systems of the car is always a risky activity. Because of this, you can lose warranty service, damage the car’s engine, which will lead to expensive repairs or replacement of the engine.

Microprograms from the manufacturer provide a guarantee of correct operation. They are worked on by professional engineers, programmers, the programs are tested in various ways before they are written into the ECU of the cars being mass marketed. Factory firmware is created with a focus on modern environmental standards.

Experts advise to give preference to the factory firmware version with more power. Unfortunately, this is very rare.

In addition to the manufacturer, reprogramming of control units is offered by various organizations. It is better to choose firmware from a company with a big name – in this case the chance of getting a low-quality firmware is reduced.

Fake firmware is able to do much harm to the car. Under the influence of reprogramming the torque is increased by 30-50%, the number of horsepower is added, the car accelerates, goes faster. If non-factory, fake firmware is installed, it can lead to complete engine failure.

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