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The use of used metal in construction

Any construction requires a significant financial investment and takes a certain amount of time. Every contractor, proceeding to the construction of an object, tries to solve two basic questions, how to save money not to the detriment of quality and how to perform the work in the shortest possible time. That is why companies such as:

One option of savin

g money in both industrial and individual construction is the use of previously used metal rolled products

(used metal). Such products include metal products, taken out of service in connection with:

Dismantling of buildings, structures, other objects to be demolished.
Metal structures, pipelines, etc., which have exhausted their life cycle as specified in design documentation or normative documents.
Received as a result of the reconstruction or modernization of the enterprise.
Due to detected defects, damages and corrosion traces that must be replaced.
Accidental collapse of steel structures.
It should be noted that used metal is in high demand in the construction industry. The main reason for this phenomenon is high price of new rolled metal products. As for used steel profiles, depending on the condition they can cost 30-60% cheaper than new metal products.

In this case we should not forget that to the load-bearing steel structures, the main building elements, there are high requirements relating to reliability and durability. That is why in such areas used metal is strongly not recommended for use. It is mainly used in the construction of temporary structures or in places that do not require strength properties.

Main applications of used metal

Even without traces of corrosion or other defects used metal is strong enough structural material with a large margin of safety. This explains its use as:

Fence posts. In this case we are talking about, as directly fence posts of pipes, and axial metal elements, subsequently surrounded by brick or stone.
Covers or sleeves for laying new water and sewer pipes.
For the device of technological exits in the strip foundations.
Bearing supports, columns, column bases, etc. For these purposes, thick-walled pipes are mainly used.
Bearing structures of different household and outbuildings – garden arbors, garages, sheds, wood sheds and much more.
You can buy used metal:

At scrap metal collection points.
In construction organizations and specialized companies that are engaged in disassembly, dismantling of metal structures, buildings and structures.
At enterprises where there is reconstruction or modernization of production.
By advertisements of private individuals.

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