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How to wash a car without water – what is a dry car wash?

Dry car washing is a service that is gaining popularity. You can buy a kit and perform the wash yourself, or you can use the services of specialists who will come to you any place and any time. When is effective washing without water, whether it can replace an ordinary car wash and in which cases dry washing is useless and even harmful – let’s understand in detail.

Previously the possibility of washing a car without water seemed quite fantastic, but now it is quite common practice. However, not every car owner is ready to use the method. Indeed, many questions arise for a reason. How to wash a car without water as effectively as a traditional car wash without damaging the lacquer coating of the car? If the car is long overdue for scrap, it will be taken away in any condition, including dirty. Just call here:

The essence of dry car washing

Let’s try to understand how dry car washing works. Special compositions for washing and polishing in the form of a spray, microfiber towel are used during dry washing. Car shampoo-polish is applied to the body, then the composition together with contaminants is removed with a towel. The special composition of the product includes surface active substances, anti-corrosives, silicones, softening the dirt and enveloping its particles, eliminating the damage to the coating, depriving the abrasive properties. The composition can cope with any type of dirt, even tar and oil, and clean parts from insects. The dirt is removed with a special microfiber cloth, with light movements, without pressing and rubbing. The microfiber absorbs well and cleans gently. As it gets soiled, the cloth is replaced with a clean one. Finally, the body is treated with a polishing compound.

It is important to understand that a dry wash is no substitute for a full-blown wash. To remove heavy dirt, it is much more rational to wash the car the classic way, because without water it will be quite difficult to wash the wheels, the bottom and other hard-to-reach places of the body. Washing without water is recommended to leave for cases when it is necessary to freshen the car.

Pros and cons of dry washing

Let us distinguish the pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros:

If the car is not very dirty, but you want to refresh the body, you can save on a full car wash, replacing the dry wash.

Allows you to avoid trips and queues to the car wash. You will only need a special cleaner, wipes and free time. Using the services of specialists, your car will be washed right in the parking lot, while you are strolling through the mall or working in the office.

In winter the waterless method will not make you worry about whether the locks and seals will freeze, which often happens after a classic car wash with water.

The substances in the waterless cleaning shampoo can remove dirt and polish the surface. The protective film on the coating, according to experts, remains for about a week, minimizing the harmful effects of UV rays, aggressive substances. The water-repellent coating will help avoid streaks that remain after moisture, such as when it rains.

Car wash without water will not cope with heavy pollution, ineffective for removing dirt on the bottom, wheel arches.

Glasses and mirrors cannot be washed with the method, since the substances used form a film.

During hot weather, in the sun, you can not wash without water: car shampoo will evaporate quickly.

Dry washing is not recommended for cars with damaged paintwork.

If you wash a car yourself, it will require much time and effort.

Is it possible to wash a car by yourself?

Deciding to save money on calling specialists and try the technique by yourself, beforehand study the technique, watch the video on the Internet and study the instructions on the use of means. Incorrect use and too much rubbing will lead to scratches and streaks. Remember, a dry wash is no substitute for a regular car wash with water. To keep your car clean and the paintwork intact, you should wash your car at least once a week in the classic car wash method, and in between use dry car washes. At the same time, you should not wash your car with special products more often than once every two or three days.

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