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Cars without air conditioning: there are life hacks to reduce the heat while driving

Doesn’t your car have air conditioning? This is a serious problem for you in the summer! Or maybe not with you? So today we will present a series of life hacks to combat the heat while driving and tell about

In the 21st century, air conditioning is more of a standard piece of equipment. It is worth remembering that there are still many cars on Russian roads that do not have air conditioning. How are drivers supposed to cope in the summer heat? How to survive in a passenger cabin heated to 60 degrees Celsius? Fortunately, there are ways that the driver and the passengers sitting next to him will bring relief.

A car without air conditioni

ng? First, the parking!

In the heat of summer, in a car without air conditioning, the key to success … the art of parking! It is best to leave the car in shady places, perhaps with their back to the sun – because most of the heat comes through the windshield. In this c

ase, the passenger compartment will be less heated during a stop. Also an important addition is glass tinting. The film restricts access inside not only the eyes of passers-by, but also the sun’s rays. For the same reason, the driver may consider, for example, a sun screen on the front and rear windows.

These screens are inexpensive and offer the driver a number of advantages. First, they block the sun’s rays from entering. Secondly, they do not heat the cab, steering wheel or front seats. Thirdly, by limiting the access of sunlight, delaying the aging process of plastics. Fourth, they are extremely easy to install.

A car without air conditioning must be well ventilated before driving.

For a comfortable journey by car without air conditioning, it is also important to ventilate the passenger compartment in summer. Before starting the engine, it is worth opening all the doors in the car in just a few minutes. Thus, the driver will release a significant portion of the cumulative te

mperature from the passenger compartment and provide air exchange. When driving, start blowing the passenger compartment at maximum speed and lower some of the windows. However, it is worth remembering to avoid strong drafts. They provide relief, but can also lead to paralysis of the muscles in the neck or face.

Cars without air conditioning and gadgets. Is the fan running?

Should you think about electronic gadgets when cooling a heated interior? One of the more popular are battery-powered fans. And here some doubts arise. Because without ventilating the cabin, the fan will not work. And after airing the passenger compartment, starting the ventilation holes and opening the windows, in fact, the main result of its work will be additional noise in the passenger compartment. Consequence? Car fans are too small to bring relief to a driver sitting in a heated, unconditioned car.

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