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At idle, the oil pressure light comes on or blinks: can I go?

It is not uncommon for a low oil pressure lamp to light up on the dashboard when operating a car. At the same time, it is not clear whether it is possible to use such a car, whether it is allowed to get to the service on its own, or it is best to call a tow truck and deliver the car to the workshop, carry out its diagnostics and repair. And you may even have to use the service scrap car removal etobicoke.

Causes of the warning alarm
If the lamp for insufficient oil pressure lights up when the engine is started and then goes out, there are no problems in the operation of the engine. This is normal engine operation and should not be called for repair. However, if the light comes on when the engine is started and then does not go out or lights up when the car is moving, then this indicates problems with the engine.

Such a light may light up in the following cases:
1. In case of problems with the oil pressure sensor.

2. When using low-quality and incorrectly selected oil.

3. In case of breakdowns of the oil pump.

4. When the engine oil level drops.

5. If the oil filter or engine lubrication passages are clogged.

It must be understood that the operation of the engine on the wrong oil or at its minimum level will invariably lead to serious breakdowns, up to and including the need for overhaul. Therefore, the car owner, as soon as such problems appear on his car, should immediately deliver the car to the service, ideally this should be done on a tow truck so as not to aggravate the existing breakdowns.

The light comes on on a cold and warm engine
Do not think that such a control lamp lights up exclusively when there is an insufficient oil level in the engine. It shows insufficient oil pressure in the system, which can also occur when the oil level in the engine is insufficient. This oil pressure is created in the system after the crankshaft is turned by the starter and the engine starts. Therefore, if the oil pressure light blinks or burns 5-10 seconds after the engine has started, then this already indicates problems with the engine.

First of all, the car owner should turn off the engine and wait about 10 minutes and check the oil level in the engine. By the way, such situations are not uncommon when the light of insufficient oil pressure also lights up on a warm engine while the car is moving with strong rolls of the car. In such a case, the oil stagnated in one of the parts of the crankcase or engine, which led to a short blinking of such a light bulb.

Experts recommend that if a light comes on while driving, the engine must be turned off immediately and the car must be taken to service by a tow truck. In such a case, even a short-term operation of the engine at idle or minimum speed can lead to serious malfunctions.

Possible repair
First of all, it is necessary to check the oil level in the engine when an insufficient oil pressure light comes on. If emulsion appears on the oil filler cap, this indicates a crack in the cylinder head or cylinder block. In such a case, the car owner will expect expensive and complex repairs.

If possible, you should check the oil pressure sensor, which can be done on a special scanner or tablet with a diagnostic program installed on it. If it is found that the sensor is out of order, then it just needs to be changed.

Also, when the light bulb of insufficient oil pressure is on, serious engine malfunctions may occur, at the same time power decreases, fuel consumption increases, the engine smokes with bluish and blue exhaust. Most often, in such a case, it is required to open the motor and carry out its overhaul.

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