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4 reasons why a car body rusts quickly

The biggest problem for any machine is corrosion and scrap cars for cash. Body repair is very expensive and therefore it is best to do everything possible to avoid it. But why do some cars start to rust so quickly, while others drive without problems for years?

Body corrosion protection
Not all car manufacturers adequately protect their cars from rust. Many people save on good galvanizing and processing with special compounds. Therefore, each driver must independently take care of the protection of his car. To do this, you can contact a workshop where they are engaged in anti-corrosion protection of machines.

Damage to the body
Any damage to the paint on the car body must be repaired by lubricating with special correctors. Some drivers do not do this, believing that the zinc layer on the metal already protects well, but this does not always work. Sometimes the chip is so deep that even the zinc layer has been damaged, so corrosion develops very quickly.

Stress businessman use smartphone and looking a broken down car, engine open and smoking.

Improper storage
Many drivers dream of their own garage so that they can store their car outside the open air. But the garage does not always protect the cars, sometimes, on the contrary, it causes rust on the body. If your garage is built in a very humid place, it will have an extremely negative impact on your car.

The vagaries of the weather
Unstable weather can also lead to paint deterioration and corrosion. Sudden changes in temperature can gradually destroy the structure of varnish and paint, which leads to the formation of microcracks. Water gets into them, which, freezing, further expands this crack, as a result, a corrosion center is formed.

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